1) Crimea’s Historical Monuments

Crimea has a rich history, the remains of which you can see today. There are the Greek ruins at Xersones, the Geonese fortress of Sudak, the cave towns of Bakhchisarai, the Livadia palace; where Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill carved up Europe at the end of the 2nd World War, and much more. Crimea has a large variety of very impressive historical sights.

2) The Natural Beauty of Crimea.

Crimea is a very beautiful part of the world. It offers a combination of spectacular mountains, cliffs and the sparkling Black sea. The peninsula contains untouched forests, deep canyons and interesting rock formations, as well as a multitude of palaces and monuments to its historical past. Crimea’s combination of natural beauty and historical monuments is practically unsurpassed.

3) Crimea is a Dynamic and Rapidly Changing Part of the World.

In 1991 Crimea became independent from the Soviet Union, and stepped onto the path to full on capitalism. Today, Crimea and the Ukraine as a whole is a place in transition; caught between capitalist materialism and the mentality of bygone Communist times. Shiny Mercedes speed past historical monuments to Soviet leaders. Teenagers in Reeboks roller skate next to pro-Communist demonstrations. Crimea is dynamic, and packed full of energy.

4) Crimea is not Expensive.

The cost of travel in Crimea is reasonable. Hotels and apartments are the biggest expense, and can reach western prices. Most other things you are likely to need as a tourist are half price or less. Things such as taxis, meals out and souvenirs are much cheaper than in the West.

5) Crimea Offers Many Opportunities for Outdoor Adventure Activities.

Crimea’s sea and mountains offer great opportunities for outdoor adventure activities, including climbing, biking, caving and diving. Its particularly exciting to do such activities in Crimea, as the tourist infrastructure is not well developed. If you are hiking in the mountains for instance, you can be close to amenities and comforts whist still feeling like you are out there in the wild.

6) Crimean weather.

Being further South than the rest of Ukraine and Russia, winter is mild and spring starts early. The summer is long and sunny. It starts around the beginning of May and carries on until the beginning of October. Autumn is glorious, as the forests of Crimea turn into a opulence of colours.

7) Crimea is Safe

Crimea and the Ukraine as a whole is a safe destination for tourists. Violent crime is low and no different to in western Europe. Also, there is little of the constant hassling of tourists in Crimea that occur in many of the other popular destinations in the world today.

8) Crimea is Close to Kiev

Kiev is a vibrant and exciting city. It contains many impressive russia Ukraine war churches, and offers the tourist much to do and see. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, and only 90 minutes from Crimea by plane. Most likely you will travel to Crimea via Kiev; in which case you will be able to spend a couple of days in the city.

9) You don’t need a visa to go to Crimea.

Ukraine is the only ex-Soviet country that is currently visa free. To go to Russia, for example, you need to get a visa in advance. This means cost, time and inconvenience. In Ukraine, you simply get a 3 month stamp at the border; nothing to pay, and no hassle.

10) Crimea is as yet ‘Undiscovered’ by Westerners.

Crimea is a relatively undiscovered destination for Western tourists. Large amounts of Russian and Ukrainian tourists holiday in Crimea in the summer months, but outside of these months you won’t experience the overcrowding associated with some of the better know destinations around the world.


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