Cheap Chips and Soda – Movie Reviews

Short of cash? The movie theatres are so expensive!! £13 for 2 adults, ridiculous! And that’s before popcorn and drinks! As much as we want to go and see the latest releases, we either don’t have the cash, or find ourselves with 3 kids in bed. A bottle of wine, a cosy sofa and warm front room, a partner to prop up your drinking arm, nibbles from the cupboard, and a TV with more channels than you can shake a stick at – viewing heaven!

Ever channel hopped and thought “ooh, that looks good”, but not given it a go? Well this weekend, the children were with us and we were cosied up channel surfing. Over the course of the weekend, we happened upon 2 great films – Cellular and In Her Shoes. I am now going to tell you what you missed.


An action packed thriller starring Kim Bassinger, Chris Evans, Jason Statham and William H Macy.

The synopsis: A young man receives an emergency phone call on his cell phone from an older woman. The catch? The woman claims to have been kidnapped; and the kidnappers have targeted her husband and child next. Can the young man save her before she gets murdered?

This was a highly entertaining, fast paced, edge of the seat thriller. Not only did it have a great plot, but there were amusing moments. Statham’s martial arts prowess was clearly on display, this was counteracted by Macy’s delightful portrayal of a middle aged, calm, dedicated retiring cop.

Basinger is kidnapped by 4 brutes who burst into her house, in the brightness of early morning. They take her to a remote house and lock her in the attic, with a smashed phone. Somehow, the science teacher gets a connection to a stranger’s mobile. Evans is the stranger – disbelieving her, he plays along until he hears the kidnappers threatening her. He then starts a race against time to save the woman. Through a series of exciting car chases, he breaks the law a number of times in order to get to the woman. Obstacles keep blocking his progress, and finally he gets his hands on what the kidnappers are looking for. Horrified, he realises the extent of the problem, and so begins the exciting finale. Spurred on by the fact that the kidnappers now have their hands on the entire family he lures the deadly gang to a final showdown. During this Macy too realises what he is up against and joins forces with Evans to capture the gang at any cost… excited, you are willing Evans on to be the victor and save Basinger and her family.

Evans is excellent as the care free young man, who suddenly finds himself with the responsibility of 3 lives and real justice, and gives a memorable performance here (we also saw him a couple of nights previous in the more recent Fantastic 4 – Rise Of The Silver Surfer (he plays the flame man)). We shall be looking for him in movies again – he has 2 new fans!çevrimiçidizi


There is a connection between these 2 films – an actor by the name of Richard Burgi. He played the husband of Kim Basinger in Cellular and also plays Karl Mayer (Susan’s ex husband) in Desperate Housewives.

This film is probably the polar opposite of Cellular, but was never the less compelling viewing and a delightful drama to watch, although a tear jerker towards the end – sniff! Starring Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette (Muriels Wedding, Shaft, Little Miss Sunshine) and Candice Azarra (whose career dates back to 1969!)

The synopsis: Straight-laced Rose breaks off relations with her party girl sister, Maggie, over an indiscretion involving Rose’s boyfriend. The chilly atmosphere is broken with the arrival of Ella, the grandmother neither sister knew existed.

Diaz, the independent party girl, moves in with her straight lawyer sister played by Collette. Diaz is not the tidiest person, or the easiest to live with and eventually Collette decides enough is enough. Diaz tries to get her sister on side by taking her out to show here the lifestyle she enjoys. To no avail. Diaz goes to see her father, in the hope of getting money or a free place to live. Left to her own devices she begins to look around her fathers house for cash, and discovers brithday cards from a Grandma she thought was dead.

After getting her sister’s car towed, she accepts a lift from 2 male strangers to the pound, after drinks, only to be nearly raped in the process. Leaving her upset and alone she goes back to her “out of town” sisters flat and mopes around trashing the place. On her return, Collette tells Diaz to be out before she returns from work. When she returns, she finds Diaz still there and in bed with her boyfriend. This is the final straw and Diaz leaves with her clothes in a bag.