Are you a PlayStation 3 owner? Are you not? Well, whatever your answer is, you would definitely find PlayStation Move Bundle to be a highly interesting package. The reason is because you would get affordable PlayStation Move Price by purchasing this bundle.

Before we’re discussing the bundle, first of all, let me explain what is PlayStation Move that we’re talking about (assuming you’re unfamiliar with it). Basically, it’s a new motion sensing control game console. The most distinctive feature is the microphone-like controller. This console will detect your movement through the so-called PlayStation Eye Camera and translate it into the game. So, if you’re in the middle of a volleyball game, whether to toss or to spike the ball depends on your hands’ movement. It’s very interesting.

Years ago when Nintendo introduced the Wii, Sony laugh at it. Who would have  game stop near me thought that console will become so popular despite the crappy graphic performance? Sony, without any warning, suddenly left in the dust. However, Sony strikes back with the latest PlayStation Move. It’s promised to deliver a more realistic and real-time motion sensing game, and unlike the Wii, excellent graphic performance. Since Move could be considered as an additional device for your PS3, then you don’t need to purchase a new console. Non PS3 owners should seriously starting to consider to buy a brand new PlayStation 3 and try the Move.

Some may starting to think “How should I buy it?” The best way to enjoy this innovation in a quickly and more affordable way is by purchasing the PlayStation Move Bundle. What’s in the bundled package? You will find a motion controller, a PS Eye Camera and Sports Champions Blu-ray game. The bundled game lets you experience the new genre of sports game by choosing whether to be a volley athlete, a tennis player, an archer, etc. Purchasing the bundle will get you, not only an affordable PlayStation Move price, but also instant gaming experience by trying the bundled games. After some conditioning with the new controller and interface, you could then consider to purchase a more “serious game” like Tiger Woods’ PGA Tour or Resident Evil Gold Edition.


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