Urban survival or street survival methods are different from techniques used in the wilderness because of the lack of food and water. If urban survival strategies are required it means something disastrous has happened causing a breakdown of the government and law enforcement in that area.

Reasons for the breakdown could be a terrorist attack, extreme weather, nuclear detonation, or a worldwide pandemic.

S.U.R.V.I.V.A.L is an acronym used by the U.S. Army that stands for:

  • Size up the situation
  • Undue haste makes waste
  • Remember were you are
  • Vanquish fear and panic
  • Improvise
  • Value living
  • Act like the natives
  • Live by your wits

If you’re caught in a situation where you need to use street survival techniques, these eight suggestions are great reminders of action taken by those who want the best chance for survival in a post-apocalyptic urban area.

Urban Survival Techniques

An essential to surviving a disaster is a bugout (BOB) bag. The typical bag, a backpack or similar bag, usually contains things like radios, water bottles, water purification tablets, energy bars, first aid supplies, flashlights, batteries, and matches or a lighter.

These bags are used when you have to leave an urban area in a real hurry because it’s no longer safe. It’s important in this situation to be able to leave quickly without drawing prepper food attention to yourself or your family.

Things you should do:

  • Dress like people who are roaming the streets so you look like you are one of them.
  • Once on your way don’t stop moving and stay away from places where people usually gather, like malls, liquor stores or gas stations.
  • Good street survival strategy includes knowing the streets and environment. Make a plan that gets you out of the city by the quickest route. Make sure you have your fully packed BOB with you.

If you have a bicycle, motorcycle or scooter it may make your escape seem easier but it also can draw unwanted attention to yourself. If you’re lucky enough to have transportation, a lot of desperate people may be out there who are willing to do anything to get what you have. Being on foot might actually be safer.

Street Survival Food

After an urban disaster people will be thinking of themselves only and their survival. Finding food, water, and shelter will be first and foremost on everyone’s minds and yours as well. You should have a week’s supply of food in your BOB so you can get by until you find a better living situation somewhere else.

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