For a local plumber, it can be difficult to gain new leads and sales in your service area due to increased market competition and changes in advertising methods. Most companies rely on yellow pages, radio, and television advertising to gain new customers. These mediums work for companies that have large advertising budgets thus making the barrier to entry great.

For smaller companies, word of mouth, networking, referrals, and vehicle advertising are the only methods used. While these methods work, they lack long-term sustainability and growth potential. Small business plumbers should seek alternative means of gaining new customers such as creating a website, hiring an internet marketing professional, and obtaining plumber directory listings.

Creating a website can be one of the most beneficial means of gaining new customers in your service area as it allows you to target keywords that are specific to individuals that are seeking plumbing services in a certain city, region, or state. Your website will also allow up selling through additional services that you offer to customers when they are unaware of Sammamish plumbing every skill your company provides. Obtaining a website is easily the most cost-effective advertising money you will spend.

Once your website is created, you will want to hire an affordable internet marketing company that can provide a free consultation in order to understand your online marketing goals. An internet marketing company will provide keyword research, competition analysis, search engine submission, local search submission, on-page and off-page search engine optimization, and optionally, search engine marketing. The long-term benefits of hiring a web marketing company far outweigh the initial upfront costs and an effective provider will provide a nice return on investment for years to come. Be aware that providers in the internet marketing industry vary from company to company. Similar to the plumbing industry, some service providers complete superior work, while others make the issue worse than it was to begin with.

Your internet marketing consultant should provide a list of promotion methods you can do on your own that will facilitate your plumbing company’s success on the web. These include, but are not limited to: posting in relevant plumbing forums with your company information in the signature, creating listings for your company, creating plumbing industry blog posts on your website, and maintaining web 2.0 accounts on the most popular social networking websites.

Increasing local plumbing service leads in your service area can be a difficult task to smaller companies. Your plumbing company does not need a huge marketing and advertising budget to succeed. Using the methods and advice provided in this article should lower the barriers to entry and increase company success while saving on monthly costs that traditional advertising requires.


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