MOLLE Backpacks are well known for their strength, versatility and efficient use of weight and space. It is unsurprising that this soldier’s best friend has found its way into the adventure and leisure markets. Being a keen outdoors guy spending much of my leisure time hunting and fishing in remote wilderness, I need the best kind of equipment. The MOLLE backpack serves this purpose well. If it’s good enough for the US army it’s certainly good enough for my needs! They are designed to make carrying heavy loads sufficiently comfortable, maximizing safety and minimizing fatigue. The use of these bags by the military is proof of the excellence of their design, which is flexible and customizable enough to carry almost anything required. Its many custom design features, enable the bag to be successfully used in many environments.

MOLLE is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. The modular design comes in the form of a pouch attachment ladder system made from durable nylon webbing which allows a multitude of accessories and pouches to be attached to its loops. In this way, it can be tailored to the needs of the wearer, and many essential things for outdoor adventures may be attached to the outside to be reached easily and also to free up space inside. There is, however, ample space inside all MOLLE backpacks which feature differently sized spacious compartments and numerous pockets. Large amounts of water can be carried. In addition to the dual side pockets for water bottles, the popular MOLLE 3 Day Assault Pack can fit up to 6 L of water contained in hydration bladder systems. This is essential for longer trips, especially in remote areas such as strap

The weight is distributed to ensure comfort and ease of use. The shoulder straps, (featuring quick release buckles and a D-ring for the attachment of equipment,) the vital lumbar support, sternum strap, and the load-bearing waist strap are all padded to minimize pain and fatigue when worn for long periods of time. MOLLE backpacks may also be carried using the heavy-duty side or top handles. MOLLE has engineered many inventive backpacks ideal for personal use, as well as military use. Most of these have covered vent holes from which a walking pole, radio antennae, or hydration system bladder tube, may easily poke out. Grommets for draining are usually included as standard too.

Because it is vital that zips do not fail and contents spill out far away from home or civilization, MOLLE have engineered bags with self-healing zips, meaning that even when the bag is crammed full of equipment, if the zipper should split, it easy to be reconnect it without damage. All in all, MOLLE backpacks are sought-after bags, rightly known to be amongst the best designed of their kind.



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