Online betting: Head or heart

The successful gambler is one who, regardless of whether he is a member of the online-casino or deals with Fred, Fred’s local bookie finds those wagers where he will sometimes forgo all the knowledge he has and follow his gut or heart. He’ll most likely find the right path with his head.


The Hunch Player


Let’s suppose you wager on basketball. You are a fan, just like any gambler. You were a fan of a particular team long before you put down your first dollar (100.00). You still love that team, whether it’s the Celtics, the Lakers or the Pistons. Every night, you look at the college lines to find the 메이저사이트 games that are appealing. You’ll often be lured into a game with “your team”. These sentimental wagers can cloud the reason. Your dad isn’t the little boy in the family room, with his father surrounded by Celtic flags and ash-trays. These days are gone. You’re now a cold-blooded gambler just like Kenny Rogers.


The Logical Game


If you want to pursue a gambling career, it is best to get rid of this soft spot. It’s possible to get a feeling that you “know” your favorite team will win. This is your “gut feeling” that you have developed over years of study and hard work.