Pigeon Shooting is a great way to practice your shooting in the summer for the duck and pheasant seasons so you wont be getting rusty but it can be done all yea يلا شوت  r round. There are three types of pigeon shooting that I know of and they are Decoying, Flight shooting and Roost Shooting. In Ireland the wood pigeon is knowing as a pest to the farmers because of it eating their crops so this is probably the main purpose for shooting pigeons. But they are also shot for game purposes too as they can be eaten. It is probably one of the more demanding types of hunting and shooting as the birds are very acrobatic in the air making them hard and challenging birds to shoot.

Decoying is probably the most common type of pigeon shooting. It involves building a hide near where they feed and laying out decoys. The hides can be built from many materials such as camouflaged nets, straw bales and natural cover. The idea is that you cant be seen as pigeons have very good eye sight. The decoys are used to draw the pigeons in close enough to be shot. You can use artificial ones that can be bought in most good hunting and shooting shops or dead birds can be used to save on money.

Flight shooting is growing in popularity these days but still not as common as decoying. This involves shooting the pigeons on there flight lines. The gun would be hidden in a hedge or at the edge of a wood and the pigeons would be shot as the fly past.

Roost shooting is more common in the winter months of the year when the days are getting shorter. The gun would be positioned at the edge of a wood and shoot the pigeons when the going to roost. You will need a fairly good hunting dog for retrieving the shot birds as it will most likely be dark wen you are finishing up.


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