An undeniable benefit of investing in    Firefly 2+ Plus Vaporizer   Nicaragua real estate or buying a retirement property in Nicaragua is the opportunity to experience nature in a way that would be impossible in North america. Nicaragua is often referred to as ‘the country of Lakes and Volcanoes’ and for good reason. An impressive string of volcanoes also runs the length of the country.How to Use the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer with Tips and Tricks

You can climb both active and dormant volcanoes, swim in crater lakes, walk through the forested slopes, or take a peek over the rim into the crater of an active volcano. There are over a dozen volcanoes in Nicaragua with at least six being within an easy day trip of the real estate hot spot of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

The Masaya Volcano (635m) is an active volcano located in Masaya Volcano National Park and is located approximately 80 miles from San Juan del Sur. A national park has been set up around the volcanoes, and within the park there is a paved road that leads to a crater. The park includes two volcanoes, the Masaya Volcano and the Nindirí Volcano, and five craters. Hiking through the reserve will also allow you to observe the spectacular landscape created by past eruptions.

When the Apoyo Volcano (468m) last erupted, it left a huge 7 km-wide crater that gradually filled with fresh water. This lake, located between Masaya and Granada, is surrounded by the old crater wall. This spectacular lagoon can be easily reached by car from San Juan del Sur in 1. 5 hours. It is the perfect spot for a day of swimming and relaxing.

The Mombacho Volcano (1, 345m) is a huge dormant stratovolcano bordering Lake Nicaragua, close to Granada. Currently, the Mombacho Volcano is quiet and today a dense forest covers the slopes. The Mombacho Volcano is a very accessible volcano. The biodiversity of the Mombacho Volcano provides a wide selection of animals and plant species endemic to the volcano. Well maintained hiking trails have been set up, which offer a number of hiking options. In addition to amazing natural vegetation you can also find spectacular vistas along the trails.

Zapatera Island (629m) is an extinct volcano located inside Lake Nicaragua. Zapatera is a very small island and is inhabited by only a small group of people. Zapatera Island was inhabited by indigenous tribes and has many important archaeological sites. Ancient statues and artifacts have been found in great quantities on the island, and it is thought that many are still buried there. Although Zapatera offers some interesting archaeological sites, the island is not frequently visited. Visiting the island is possible but requires some effort.

Concepcion Volcano (1, 610m) is a giant among the volcanoes in the land of volcanoes. The Concepción Volcano dominates the western side of Ometepe Island. Concepción is a cone-shaped stratovolcano. The most recent violent eruption occurred in 1986. The volcano continues to regularly emit gases and ash. Climbing the Concepción is challenging but can be worth the effort. Beautiful vegetation and spectacular views meet hikers on the way up. Along the way you will pass different types of vegetation. If you are lucky enough to climb on a clear day, you will be treated to awesome views. Ometepe Island can be easily reached from San Juan del Sur. However, if you intend to climb the volcano you should make plans to stay overnight on the Island.

Concepción Volcano shares the island of Ometepe with the Maderas Volcano (1, 394m). Maderas is a dormant volcano with a wet tropical forest similar to the Mombacho Volcano. On the top of Madera you will discover a charming crater lake. There is no paved road to the crater and you will have to hike if you want to visit the lake. Maderas is much less steep than Concepción, but it is still a lengthy hike. The round trip should take approximately eight hours. Ascending this volcano is a once in a lifetime experience as it is likely the most beautiful of the all the volcanoes in Nicaragua.

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