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And I have made some really powerful discoveries in Female Psychology and communication. Now I am absolutely going to give you one the most important understandings to have when it comes to meeting women and also when in a relationship. If you don’t understand this, you will lose every time!

#1 Women will test you a lot and all the time!

#2 Women associate your behavior with her out to society! (I’ll explain in a minute.)

#3 You need to stand your ground, period!

#1 Now, what’s going on? The absolute biggest mistake men make when meeting girls is they try to be freaking nice!!! OMG! Stop doing this for crying out loud. Now, I have been teaching men how to communicate with women, to seduce women, pickup on women professionally for over 14 years now, maybe more. And I have got to tell you, the #1 Biggest most massive, huge mistake guys make when going to clubs or lounges or whatever is they think that by being soft and quiet and nice will attract a girl… It won’t!

I can tell you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the guys who get the girls and get the girls a lot all have this one thing in common! They are aggressive and make no call girls in islamabad apologies about it. And they will put a girl in her place if she tests him. And trust me, she will test you! They are literally neurologically hard-wired to test you in public for one reason and one reason only!

They are trying to see if you care what other people think and if you are a good boy who follows rules! Why? The reason, is because if you are more worried about what other people think of you than what you want, then you are not a good Caveman. And a Caveman who is so freaking mentally wimpy that he is worried about what girls or other people think of him in public to the point where he doesn’t stand up for himself and call her on her B.S. then he is not a good mate to mate with. She needs a strong Caveman who takes what he wants and doesn’t even notice what other people think! Period! That’s it!

A caveman who follows rules is a weak caveman and he gets the scraps of society, which means her children with him will also get the scraps of society and will not have the best possible opportunities in life! And that is everything to her Reptilian/Cave girls mating system. Yes, I am dead serious and it has everything to do with her choosing you for sex or not!

What you have to understand, is that for women, when she is at a club or lounge or any place meeting strange men, her smaller reptilian brain takes over and she goes on auto pilot and is under her mating systems control. Yes, I am serious. It’s hard-wired into her. So, if you think women are logical and make sense when choosing mates, then you need to wake up and open up your eyes and take a look around. Girls date gangsters, thugs, drug dealers and guys who are not good for her at all; they don’t have jobs, ever went to college or worse. Yet, who do you see these girls with?

Now let me rewind just a little bit! Just a minute ago I mentioned mentally wimpy guys do not attract girls, in fact, mentally wimpy guys are a major, major turn off no matter how big and strong you are! How do I know? Because at one point, I use to bench press 365 lbs. for 2 solid reps. And at one point, I was ranked #1 in the United States as a Muay Thai / Kick boxer, a State Champion in Boxing, ranked in wrestling, street fighter, trained in martial arts my entire life and a lot more. Yet, socially and publicly I was a total and complete wimp, especially with girls!

And because of that, I couldn’t pick up women for the life of me! Or when I did have a girlfriend, she treated me like crap. And it was the most miserable experience of my life. I did that twice and learned the hard way! Now here’s the funny thing. Every now and then I would here a girl say, “Why can’t I find a real man, a man who knows how to put me in my place.” Or they would say, “Why can’t I find a guy who calls me on my B.S..” And I remember inside thinking, “Wow, this girl has problems if she thinks a guy is going to go out of his way to put her in her place or call her on her B.S.!” Yet, I was totally and completely wrong. I heard this for years, read it on dating sites on girls profiles, and on and on. And then one day it dawned on me to ask.

So I started asking older women in their 50’s or older about girls and these subjects. And without hesitation, each and every one of them said the same damn thing. They told me, yes, when that girl tests you and tries to make you angry or tests your boundaries, you have to be firm and put her back in her place.

Now this shocked me to no end! I was tripping out inside my head for about a year on this subject. So, I finally started going to clubs and cafe’s and book stores where I didn’t know anyone. hahaha… I would drive over an hour to find places where I have never been and never will go again. I would approach girls, except this time I would do it with more of a Masculine, manly and with a bit of an aggressive edge to me. I would start a conversation and talk to her. And the minute a girl called me a name or smarted off to me or whatever, I would literally call her on her B.S. and I would do it loudly, in her face, in public and without a care in the world. See, I wasn’t there to actually get her number or sex, although that would be a major plus. I was there to see if this actually worked!

And lo and behold, BAMM! These girls would actually smile and get real quite. And another thing I noticed is they would sway their bodies, get coy and their eyes would dilate big time! And they would swoon and melt right before my eyes. hahahahaha… I couldn’t believe it.

I was totally and completely shocked because my entire life, I thought I was supposed to be Mr. Polite, nice and be a good boy! Yet, after frustrating years and years of being single or with women who disrespected me, I finally had it and had to try something new. Turns out that it actually turns women on and attracts them mentally, emotionally and sexually when they find a man who raises his voice, speaks up for himself and puts her in her place! Yes, it’s a sexual turn on for women!

Now, Testing. This is sooooooooo important for you to understand!

Mother nature hard-wired women to test you a lot, especially when they first meet you and on the first couple of dates, maybe more. See, she is trying to see if you are man enough to call her on her B.S. of being rude or making jokes on you or calling you names. And yes, women will call you names. I had a friend of mine who was at a club with me and he was being Mr. Nice guy. hahahahahah… Big, Big, Big mistake!

So what does she do to him in front of her girlfriends and me? Hahahahahahaha… She says, “Oh, You’re Gay!” hahahahahaha… And my friend just froze about died and was so freaking embarrassed! (By the way, women will do this a lot, especially at clubs in big cities. It’s a test, so let er rip and rip into her and watch her melt and smile.)

So stepped in and called her a Bitxx. And started attacking her verbally and next thing you know, she smiled, became a little girl and became very sensual with me. And yes, I got a kiss and her number a little while later. So later on, my friend asked me, “Why do girls always ask me if I’m gay!” I start laughing and say, because you are nice!” “I’m serious!” “You’ve got to hold your ground and speak up!” “And when she says something rude to you, tell her she’s fat and desperate or her dress doesn’t look good or whatever!” “It’s a test for crying out loud.”

Ok, look, the other thing, is that if you are Mr. Nice, she will call you on it. By calling you a name or testing you in some way. Now here’s the thing. It’s a Golden opportunity! She is literally saying inside, “Please, please be a man!” “Don’t let little ole me scare you away, I’m a little girl for crying out loud!” She is purposely giving you an opportunity!!! Now take advantage of it, she has practically surrendered to you. Now Take it! She wants you too! Yes, I am serious.

#2 Women associate. That’s what women do because they are largely in their right, emotional and associative brain. Well, what does that mean? It means, that whatever you are like with her, is what she will associate to you and then her brain will literally generalize that to what she imagines you are like in the real world!

So, if you are Mr. Nice guy with her, she thinks you are Mr. Nice guy out at the work force and out in the world and in her mind, how can he survive out there if he’s this nice! And this is a major, major turn off! So you have to be gruff and aggressive and tough. Now what do I mean?

Don’t be so damn agreeable with her. Let her know in a strong way if you don’t like something or if you want to go somewhere and she says no, or whatever. Don’t give up so easily, freaking make your voice be heard. And inside she will like it and respect you for it. But if you are Mr. Nice, she will lose all respect for you! Period!

I mean, don’t be such a freaking wimp, get angry when you are angry. Don’t apologize all the time, in fact, rarely apologize. Ok, what I really mean, is when you are grumpy, then act and be grumpy. If she does something you don’t like, then tell her in a firm and strong way. Women like this. Seriously watch her smile, then hug you then make love to you and even cook and clean. I’m serious.

And don’t always be Mr. Kid gloves with her or kitten gloves, however you say that. Be a Caveman once in a while. I’m serious. Show her you are the boss, it’s a huge turn on for her. Even if you just growl like a Caveman as a joke, do it once in a while, there is a system in her reptilian brain that likes this and is assures her and calms her down when you act manly and growl once in a while. And, this is a big one. Literally pick her up and throw her over your shoulder and smack her on the ass and then take her to your bed and make love to her! This is my biggest secret to getting a girl to have sex with me. Works every single time.

And yes, if you are married for crying out loud, do this, she will appreciate it. I am serious!

Ok, so to wrap this section up, you have to understand one important thing. Her body and right emotional brain are literally feeling the feelings you are giving off. So if you are nervous, scared or anxious, she’s going to feel that too and it makes her feel nervous and scared and that will make her want to run. Now, if you are coming across as strong, powerful and grounded, calm and confident, guess what she feels? Yep, you guessed it, strong, powerful, grounded and confident and that’s a great feeling for a girl to have. So if she feels this when she meets you, then she’s going to want to be with you because those feelings turn her on sexually and make her horny, with you. This is what I mean when I say, women associate into you!

#3 Stand your ground, be firm, grounded, and speak up!

Now women can’t stand men who are wishy-washy or wimpy and especially do not talk in a low volume. Turn that volume up! The more the better for most guys because most guys are way, way, way to quite and it’s irritating because it causes your listener to strain to hear you and that’s freaking frustrating in a big, big way!

Oh yes, when you are at a club do not, do not, do not lean in close to talk into her ear because the music is too loud! Hell no! Don’t do it! What you must do is raise your volume up and speak loud enough so she can clearly hear you! If you are truly speaking loud and I mean really loud, she can lean into you and listen. That’s the way it’s done! I am serious!

So be solid and don’t let a girl push you around at all. And you lead, not her! So you grab her hand and pull her, not the other way around.

Take these 3 tips into account and watch women smile and move towards you!

Good luck guys! Have fun, laugh loudly and help her have a good time by you being a man!


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