Intuit, the makers of world famous “QuickBooks” added another feather in its cap by releasing an updated version of QuickBooks, QuickBooks 2013 by the name of QuickBooks Zen. Along with this new version, Intuit also launched accountant edition, pro edition and premier edition of this software. There are numerous newly added features along with a brand new interface. In the accountant version of QuickBooks, Intuit has added many tools to further simplify the work and save time. This latest version has an improved center for key customer information and transactions, send journal entry and workflow feature. Also this version has the ability to batch-enter transactions of check deposits and credit card charges. There are few big things changed besides many smaller things which will make it work really well for all the users.

One new feature that will be notable is its ability to copy items in a new thoptv latest version download for android spreadsheet and then paste them into QuickBooks files on their designated spaces. QuickBooks 2013 also has the ability to import contact information from address book.

The developers have added some extra video to help people in using QuickBooks 2013. Some of the videos have been combined with the software while some are attached as a stream from internet. You will need an internet connection to view them. Guide Me has been made even more intelligent as it can sense where the user is in the QuickBooks file and pops up helping related content. This feature allows you to understand QuickBooks even easily as the help information is readily available.

Another new feature added to QuickBooks 2013 is documents attachments and this feature allows the user to attach documents such as text files, spreadsheets and also images to a QuickBooks file.

Other notable features that you will find in QuickBooks 2013 are:

– The batch can enter more than 1,000 transactions from excel sheet to QuickBooks

– It can E-Mail the journal entries directly to clients from QuickBooks itself and client can import all the entries attached simply by clicking one button.

– It can edit and customize custom financial statements and sheets using buttons and functions from MS-Excel and MS-Office. These reports can be used multiple times and the data is refreshed automatically

– It gives the user a click access to all major and frequently used tools. It also contains a new widget which gives a fresh look at account balances, reconciled balances and all re-conciliation dates all in one place.


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