If you are looking for an alternative to working for someone else, you may wish to consider working for yourself. One way that you can achieve this is to set up a service business online. Providing an in-demand service to others is one of the quickest ways to begin making money online. In fact, you can begin providing your service part or full time. And work at your own pace as you build your business and your business partners.

In this article we will examine how to go about building a clientele in one of the most in-demand services online: providing content to online business professionals and Internet marketers.

If you are not a newcomer to marketing on the Internet, then you know that one of the most talked about slogans for success online is: Content is King. This refers to the fact that new and updated website content is the squeeky wheel that gets the oil of the search engines’ attention. This means that new and interesting content is always in high demand in order to keep up with search engine’s voracious demand for relevant information.

This provides the shrewd business person wanting to provide a service online with a ready-made product (written content) that is always in demand. There is no end to the potential clientele who are needing written content for either their own website or for posting on other websites. The demand for this service is unending.

One of the smartest ways to become a success in this kind of service business is to target your clientele and work with a limited number of reddit essay writing service people who keep coming back to you again and again for the service you provide them. One way to find clients is to post your services on one of the freelance bidding websites like Elance. This will get your name out there for others to bid on your freelance writing services and help you to find potential long-term clients.

To market yourself in a professional manner you will want to consider setting up your own website where you can display your portfolio for prospective clients to view. This shows your clients that you are serious about the work you do and that they can depend upon you to get their order done.

Who you market to depends on you and where you want to begin. You can market to the high, the middle, or the low end of the content spectrum. At the low end of the spectrum are the Internet article marketers, who need content in order to promote their affiliate marketing projects.

The pieces written for these clients range from 350 to 600 word articles that can range in price from five to ten dollars per article (or more in some cases). If you are smart in your marketing, you can sell a batch of articles (say five to ten articles at a time) to one client, giving them a volume discount off your normal fee. This type of article is relatively easy to write once you get the hang of it. This is one way to gain the experience you will need to tackle the middle and high range content market.


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